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We are committed to providing our customers with a quality experience while shopping on our site and using our bowls, so please contact us with any of your questions, comments or concerns! We love to hear from our customers and we know you will love our stainless steel smoking pipes just as much as we do!




How do I clean my Unbreakabowl®?


Cleaning your Unbreakabowl® is quick and easy.

Check out our YouTube® Video!


Is my Unbreakabowl® truly unbreakable?


We have yet to break an Unbreakabowl® through our testing. If you somehow render your Unbreakabowl®

unfit for use, please return the pieces for inspection and we will gladly replace it.


Will my Unbreakabowl® ever rust?

No, your Unbreakabowl® is made from aircraft quality stainless steel which is guaranteed to never rust.


Where is the Unbreakabowl® made?


Every Unbreakabowl® is proudly manufactured

in the USA.

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