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 Truly Unbreakabowl® 


Twenty five years ago, I found a piece of stainless steel in a machine shop scrap bin that roughly resembled the shape of a pipe. After drilling some holes, the first Unbreakabowl® was created. That original metal bowl lasted me fifteen years until it tragically met its fate in the bottom of a port-o-potty while I was tailgating at a football game.


However, after dropping it countless times throughout the years, it never broke! I always believed I should manufacture this type of bowl because it lasted so long! So, in the winter of 2016, I founded Four Twenty Industries, LLC in my garage with a lathe and a drill press I purchased at a tag sale. Within three days, the lathe was broken and the need for bigger machinery was clear.


Since then, we have upgraded our production capabilities with CNC machinery and are looking forward to a bright future. Every bowl is made right at home in the USA from aircraft quality stainless steel. The Unbreakabowl® provides a heavy duty, yet smooth as glass smoking experience.


Our unique one-piece stainless steel design ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire bowl, providing you a cooler, more enjoyable smoking experience! So if you are tired of breaking your glass pipes or spending too much time cleaning it, or if you cannot stand burning your hand while smoking, please take the time to try our product.



From all of us here at Four Twenty Industries, LLC we thank you for your visit!


See you next time,

Dave, Owner of Four Twenty Industries, LLC

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